Vision :

  • Preserve and cultivate traditions of Cirebon’s batik as one of the efforts to improve the welfare of Trusmi Plered Cirebon society & developing the Indonesian Batik Industry.

Mision :

  • Traditional Batik Cirebon Trusmi better known in the area of national and international world of batik.
  • Improve the welfare of employees through the workplace environment and living quarters are clean and healthy, reasonable remuneration commensurate with their skills and job performance were awarded to the company.
  • Improving the quality and competitiveness of the potential to enter the global market.
  • Enrich the vocabulary of design motifs to add traditional motifs existing and popular in the community.
  • Innovate in the field of basic materials fabrics, woven texture design through development and doing a combination of natural fibers.
  • Improving the quality of human resources in the field of batik industry by educating skilled workers and productive taken from areas outside the center of batik artisans.
  • Expanding network with centers of batik industry through the exchange of information design and production process.
  • Share knowledge and information about the various processes of batik to batik craftsmen in certain areas who want to develop the batik industry.

Company Culture


  • Selecting employees who have the ability, dedication and loyalty that can be accounted for on the company.
  • Selecting materials (fabric base, stain, and supporting substance) which qualified, according to the production that will be generated.
  • Choosing the appropriate environment for producing batik.


  • Cut the fabric, as maximum as possible and should reduce the remaining fabric which wasted and useless.
  • Arrange the work program daily and weekly clearly for production division batik tulis, tasting and colorations.
  • Supply the basic material like white fabric, stain, and supporting stain should be considered. Especially wax distribution for tasting ingredients in Bandung do not be late.
  • Saving the white fabric in the proper place, then give the informative note due to easily used when it’s necessary.
  • Use the color stains which still feasible to use with no reducing the quality of the resulting color.
  • Keep and maintain the working tools, following stamps with proper through stamp placement in each shelf after using it.
  • Immediately repair the broken stamps because of usage or caused by collision, quickly carried into stamp’s treatment.
  • Placing batik supply production to the warehouse, and then brings to the showroom based on the necessary supply.
  • Check the stoves that have been used, to immediately switch off after used.

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